Voice and Matter conference


Back from Berlin since last night and spending today in Roskilde, Denmark at the Voice and Matter conference, organised by Ørecomm Centre for Glocal Change, which I’m a part of. It’s a four-day a mixture of academic conference and cultural festival on media, communication and development. Above a photo from a panel on the role of media and communication in the post 2015 agenda. In proper ComDev manner, we have one of the panellist joining us from New York via Skype.

New York and Guelph with ComDev

Back from my latest trip, a work trip to New York, Toronto and Guelph with the ComDev crew. We had interesting meetings, wonderful weather and an overall good time. While in New York we visited New York University and Unicef to discuss future collaborations and projects.




After New York we headed up to Guelph for a conference with the Glocal Classroom project that ComDev is a part of. We had a three-day seminar on Communication for Environmental and Social Change. This is me at the end of the first day, after having run a workshop with the university’s IT people on how we broadcast and produce our seminars in real time.